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Host Unit: 31 Smaldeel
Location: Kleine Brogel AB
Country: Belgium

Date: 14/09/2009 - 25/09/2009


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Monday, 19 October 2009

Tiger Flag Article

Uli Metternich, The NTA photographer has once again prepered an article about the NATO Tiger Meet

Like previous years the PR team has been very busy during the 2009 Tiger meet, and our photographer is turning out to be a keen writer of Tiger meet report articles for the website.
It turned out as an 8 page article definitely worth your attention.
A link to the article can be found on the NTM2009 pages of this website, or by following the link below.

New Probationary member for NTA - 21 September 2009

59/1 Puma squadron enters its first year as probationary member of the NATO Tiger Association

Tiger Meet VIP day - 18 September 2009

About 1000 visitors enjoyed an exiting day within the Tiger VIP village at Kleine Brogel AB on Friday 18th. The base also opened doors to no less than 6000 aviation spotters.

First Tiger meet update - 17 September 2009

The NATO tiger meet 2009 is now past day 4, and is starting to come under steam. The first missions have been flown, and the objectives are being met.

NATO Tiger Meet 2009 is declared open! - 14 September 2009

During the NTM 2009 opening cermony, Maj. Jeroen Poesen declared the NATO Tiger Meet opened.

First Pictures online - 13 September 2009

With only a few more hours to go untill the NTM'09 take-off, the first pictures are already online.

NTM 2009 updates - 24 August 2009

With the Tiger Meet coming close, we are pleased to bring the latest information about the exercise and spottersday event.

59/1 Squadron confirms participation - 23 June 2009

The Hungarian Air Force confirmed participation of 59/1 Puma Squadron for NTM 2009

New Tiger Meet participants - 26 May 2009

Some changes within the NTM 2009 participants listing. Some squadrons bringing less or more aircraft and new squadrons that have confirmed their participation.

NTM Main Planning Conference (MPC) - 18 May 2009

From 21 - 24th of April the Tigers gathered at Kleine Brogel for the NATO Tiger Meet 2009 MPC

New information about NTM 2009 - 08 March 2009

The latest information regarding the Spotters and VIP days at NTM '09 is now available on our website

Initial Planning Conference at Kleine Brogel - 24 November 2008

From the 24th till 26th of November the Initial Planning Conference for NATO Tiger Meet 2009 takes place at Kleine Brogel Airbase

NATO Tiger Meet 2009 spottersday - 23 September 2008

Kleine Brogel Airbase is organising a spottersday during the NATO Tiger Meet on September 18, 2009.

Restored FX-52 attends NATO Tiger Meet 2009 - 22 September 2008

The famous 'Tiger' Starfighter will be on display during the NATO Tiger Meet spottersday on September 18, 2009