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full name: Fliegerstaffel 11
country: Switzerland
force: Swiss Air force
current base: Meiringen AB
current aircraft: F/A-18C Hornet

NTA membership: Full Member


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Fliegerstaffel 11 shieldHistory:

The History of Fliegerstaffel 11 starts in the dark years of World War 2, when the Swiss Government decided to create an additional Wing in order to strengthen the air defence capabilities. Three squadrons were formed, one of them being the Staffel 11, equipped with Morane D-3801. After the World War II, the Staffel remained operational and soon , in 1949 the dawn of the jet age arrived in the form of the DH Vampire. In 1952 the Staffel 11 was reorganised and given the designation Fliegerstaffel 11.
With the introduction of the Hawker Hunter in 1958, the Squadron role was extended to Air-to-Ground missions. Having now flown the F-5E since 1979 the unit's main role is to provide air superiority at low and medium altitudes, while interception remains its secondary function. Being a part of the Swiss Air Force Professional Aviators Corps, Fliegerstaffel 11 is one of the few professional Squadrons of the Swiss Air Force and operates in peacetime from Meiringen airbase. The Squadron transferred to the F/A-18 Hornet in 1999.
During the NATO Tiger Meet 2004 at Schleswig-Jagel Fliegerstaffel 11 was awarded full membership of the NATO Tiger Association. Something that was not that evident, since Switzerland is not a member of the NATO alliance.

Silver Tiger Trophy victories:

Nato Tiger Meet 1982 - RAF GŁtersloh, Germany
Nato Tiger Meet 2008 - Landivisiau, France
Nato Tiger Meet 2014 - Schleswig - Jagel, Germany