With 6 pilots and only 2 technicians, the Austrian JTTR squadron is the smallest crew attending Ocean Tiger.
The Austrian JTTR squadron has been visiting the NATO Tiger Meet as observers several times in the past years.
Because of their regular participation they were at some point offered an honorary membership.

21° Gruppo

The host of this years Tiger Meet painted no less than 2 SEM's in superb Tiger markings. However they were not alone!
Most other squadrons also brought superbly marked aircraft to exercise Ocean Tiger. Along them a superbly painted Rafale from EC. 05.330 and a Mirage 2000 from EC. 01.012.

Since most European air bases are closed during the weekend, many Tiger Squadrons already departed to BAN Landivisiau on Friday.

BAF F-16 Technicians replace a dummy Sidewinder A2A Missile

Many pilots and aircraft do attend the Tiger Meet each year. However, an even bigger group of crew chiefs, technical specialist and OPS assistants are making sure the pilots can do their job.
Modern day aircraft are full of sophisticated technology. As a result they become more and more complex to maintain.

2 Specially painted Flottille 11F SEM's in formation take-off

Monday 23rd of June the first mission of the NATO Tiger Meet was flown in the afternoon.
The first take-off was performed by 2 superbly painted SEM's from Flottille 11F.
After the morning briefings explaining the guidelines of exercise Ocean Tiger the first missions were flown.