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Welcome To The NATO Tigers

79th Fighter Squadron Flagship jet

79FS Tiger Jet

the 79th FS Flagship jet 91-0379, has recently received a new tiger paint, and they wanted to show of their colors.

NATO Tiger Meet 2021 Photobook

As was the case for the past years, The NATO Tiger Association has again prepared a photo report from the NATO Tiger Meet in Beja.This is the 10th volume, of this pictorial. This report will be available during the Public events during The XTM 2021...

Tigers of the Night

After last year’s NATO Tiger Meet had to be cancelled due the COVID-19 pandemic, this year brought another edition of the high value exercise on Beja Air Base / Portugal. The famous Tiger Meet celebrates this year its 60th birthday and came up with...

NATO Tiger Meet 2021 is Over

With the lowering of the flags on Thursday May 13th in the evening, and awarding the trophies so ends NATO Tiger Meet 2021. Originally planed to take place in 2020, but postponed until 2021 due to Covid, The Tiger Association proved to be very...