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F-16 Fighting Falcon

79th Fighter Squadron Flagship jet

79FS Tiger Jet

the 79th FS Flagship jet 91-0379, has recently received a new tiger paint, and they wanted to show of their colors.

New Vipers for 335 Mira

335 Mira new F-16's arrival

335 Mira, Tigers based at Araxos, Greece, are currently changing their A-7E aircraft for F-16 Block 52+ aircraft.
The first four F-16 Block 52+ from the Peace Xenia IV program have arrived at Araxos AB, Greece in May 2009.
Conversion of the

Tiger Keepers keep them going

Tiger keepers keep them going (NTA photo by David Goovaerts)

Many pilots and aircraft do attend the Tiger Meet each year. However, an even bigger group of crew chiefs, technical specialist and OPS assistants are making sure the pilots can do their job.
Modern day aircraft are full of sophisticated technology