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Public events during NATO Tiger Meet 2016

ALA 15 EF18+ taking off for a mission during NTM2008 (photo by David Goovaerts)

We have received the first information from the Spanish host for NATO Tiger Meet 2016.
The Spanish Air Force is planning for 2 public events during the NTM'16, at Zaragoza Air Base.

On Friday, 20th May 2016 they intend to host a spotters day.

During the middle weekend of the exercise (21 and/or 22 May, tbd later) an Open House is on their agenda.

UPDATE: 10 Feb. 2016:

The Open House will take place only on Saturday 21 May.

UPDATE: 28 Feb. 2016:

We are receiving several e-mails per day requesting more info about the spotters day and airshow/open house. As indicated, we will post the information once we have this from the Spanish Hosts, but at this time, we have NO more info to share. E-mails requesting more information simply will be ignored.

More information on both Events will be announced at later dates.