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211 Taktcká Letka

Armed Force
Vzdušné síly armády České republiky
Čáslav AB
JAS-39C/D Gripen
Membership status
Full Member
Member since
@211.taktická letka Čáslav
Silver Tiger Tropy Wins
Vlb. Volkel

The predecessor of the current 211th Tactical Squadron, the 41st Fighter Squadron was established on January 1st, 1995 during the reorganization process of the CZAF. The Tactical sqn started its operational service from Caslav AFB where, at that time the 28th fighter-bomber wing was located. 
The squadron continues the traditions of the 1st squadron of the 11th regiment, operating from Kbely, Cheb and Zatec airfield since 1951. The unit has been flying various MiG and Aero fighters and trainers. In 1991 the unit was invited as observer to the 30th Tiger Meet, hosted at RAF Fairford (U.K.), two years later the squadron was voted Honorary member of the NATO tiger Association. 

On their move to Caslav in 1995 the Squadron was equipped with MiG-23ML’s and L-39’s, and flew these aircraft until December 1998, when the MiG-23’s where withdrawn from service, and the unit was re-equipped with MiG-21MF. On December 1st 2003 the designation was changed to 211th Tactical Squadron. When in July 2005 the MiG-21’s where withdrawn from a long service with the Czechoslovak and Czech Republic Air Forces, the 211th entered the 21st century with a brand new 4th generation jet fighter the SAAB JAS-39C/D Grippen, this meant that the unit could now fully integrate into NATINEADS (NATO Integrated Extended Air Defence Systems). With full flying participation in a Tactical Leadership program (TLP) and the NATO Tiger Meet in 2008, the latter leading to Probational Membership status, a new step forward to Full NTA Membership. 

On the arrival day for NATO Tiger Meet 2010, on which 211 Sqn participated with 4 Gripens, they where awarded Full Membership status. This encouraged the Czech tigers even more, and at the closing ceremony of the same event, they where presented with the Silver Tiger Trophy.