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Jagdgeschwader 74

New Full Members

JG74 have been accepted as Full members of the NATO Tiger AssociationWe need to congratulate our Bavarian tigers!
During the DetCo's meeting of Tuesday 17th they where voted FULL Member of The NATO Tiger Association.

Welcome to the club.
Tiger Tiger Tiger

1st Week of flying already over

192Filo Take-off during NTM2014 (photo by David Goovaerts)

With the first 4 days of flying behind us, Monday was arrivals, NTM'14 is starting to pick up the pace. Unfortunately the weather is turning out to become a limiting factor. Strong crosswinds and an increased sea state meant that several missions on

Tiger Meet 2014 Kick-off

NTM2014 Flag ceremony (photo by Ulrich Metternich)The NATO Tiger Meet 2014 was kicked into motion today.

After The arrival of (most) of the participating Aircraft, we are still missing the specially painted Eurofighter from 74 Sqn and A specially Painted Rafale M from 11F. the Base Commander from

New Tigers !!

JG74 First NTM Participation patchOn Friday 21st of June 2013, the gathering of squadron commanders approved the probationary membership status of JagdGeschwader 74, as was expected, JG 74, From Neuburg was accepted as Probationary members of the NATO Tiger Association, in the hope

Neuburg Tiger Handover

Bavarian TigersEfforts to save the future of the Tigers in Bavaria lead to another key event at Neuburg Air Base.

After the overwhelming vote of the pilots of 742 Fighter Sqn on January 10 to request membership in the NATO TIGER ASSOCIATION, and a few days away