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Initial Planning Conference at Kleine Brogel

NTM2009 IPC Staffel11

From the 24th till 26th of November the Initial Planning Conference for NATO Tiger Meet 2009 takes place at Kleine Brogel Airbase
The IPC will bring together the main players of NTM '09 and will focus on the operational aspects. Also a extended site

313 Squadron celebrates 55th anniversary

313 Sqn Celebrates 55th anniversary

On November 28th, 313 squadron ‘scherpgetand’ will celebrate it’s 55th anniversary.

Formed in 1953 as a jet training squadron. It wasn't until 1986 that 313 became an operational combat squadron

In the last 8 years 313 Squadron has been on

A giant flew away

lieutenant (LV) Sebastien Lhéritier - in Memoriam

On October 1, two Super Etendard modernisés (SEM) from 11 F based in Landivisiau had collided above bay of Lannion, during a exercise. One of the pilots could have been helped quickly at the time of the rescue operation, a search to find the second

Restored FX-52 attends NATO Tiger Meet 2009

31 Smd FX-52 (photo by David Goovaerts)

The famous 'Tiger' Starfighter will be on display during the NATO Tiger Meet spottersday on September 18, 2009

The FX-52 was the first aircraft from 31 squadron that received a full Tiger color scheme. This was done for the 1978 NATO Tiger Meet

The TIGER is 75 years young

1 Sqn IAF celebrates its 75th Birthday

The first ever Squadron of IAF, No. 1 Squadron aka ‘The Tigers’ celebrated its platinum jubilee on 01 Apr 07 at Air Force Station Gwalior.
The No. 1 Squadron is the first squadron of IAF and was raised on 01 Apr 1933. The earliest history of IAF is

Tiger-Lair Cambrai to close in 2012

EC 1.12 Mirage 2000C duriung NTM2008 (photo by David Goovaerts)

French Defence cuts hit the Tiger Community with the announced closure of the home base of one of it’s founding members, BA 103 Cambrai, home of EC 01/012 is to bring to a close all flying activities in 2012.
The French Republic President, Nicolas

Swiss 11 Staffel wins Silver Tiger

Staffel 11 NTM2008 Silver Tiger Trophy winners (photo by Ulrich Metternich)

Swiss 11 Staffel lead by their CO Major Daniel “Stampa” Staempfli was awarded the Silver Tiger during the end of NATO TIGER MEET 2008. It is the second time that the Staffel wins the Silver Tiger.

The Silver Tiger is awarded to the squadron that

Tigers over Mont Sint-Michel

Tigers of Mont Saint-Michel during NTM2008 (photo by Ulrich Metternich)

Tourists visiting the Mont Sint-Michel might have looked surprised when they saw our Tiger formation passing by.
It seems to become a tradition since last year. Also this year the Tigers made some time to do formation flying with all special painted

Ala 15 became full member of the NTA

ALA 15 bullfighter during NTM2008

In the early days of exercise Ocean Tiger Ala 15 was granted full membership of NTA. After their first participation during the NATO Tiger Meet at Albacete the squadron immediately asked to become a probationary member of NTA.

With a second in

Tigger at Ocean Tiger

Tigger at Ocean Tiger Meet

During the NATO Tiger Meet at Landivisiau a very small crew member is spotted flying along with several types of aircraft.

Tigger, the little mascot of the 31 squadron crew chiefs has travelled all over the world. Nevertheless he got home back in